Vicolo Tommaso Del Vecchio, 2a, 81100 Caserta CE

The Project

“The commitment I personally carry forward, as administrator of ICT and More, is to pursue a sustainable, green, and social economic model, inspired by Franciscan values, hence Christian, with the aim of continuously improving our work environment and more broadly our world”
Nello Scialla


Environmental sustainability must ensure that the needs of the present generation are met without compromising those of future generations.



Economic sustainability is the foundation of sustainable development. The vision of economic growth must be accompanied by the ecosystem.



Social sustainability must aim to eliminate poverty, distribute the benefits of development, and achieve conditions of dignity for everyone’s life.

The well-being of our employees, the key to everything.

We pay great attention to our resources, implementing welfare plans and fully respecting all laws and rights of those who work within our organization. Additionally, we finance employees’ professional growth through participation in training courses and educational trips.

We Think Green

We have great respect for planet preservation policies.

We adopt various measures internally in this regard:

The use of low-consumption work tools and high environmental grade electronic devices.

The use of LED lamps and high-efficiency air cooling-heating systems.

The implementation of a ``plastic-free`` policy based on the use of personalized bottles and cups, minimizing disposable materials.

The organization of separate collection for recycling materials such as plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper.

We can DO IT.

We believe in a new way of understanding work, one that places employees at the center of the company, with the objective being their growth and their social, work, and economic welfare.

We are a company based in Southern Italy, specifically in Caserta, Campania, a region abundant in talent, where many individuals are often compelled to seek employment elsewhere. Our company plays a small role in sustaining the local community by providing opportunities for various young people to enter the ICT field and, in turn, contribute to the success of our project.

Together, we are building a new way of working, fully respecting economic, social, and environmental sustainability, and showing great consideration for all those who collaborate for the success of our endeavors.
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